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Chavivim is a team of professionaly trained volunteers, ready to help when needed!

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Chavivim's team made of over 250 trained volunteers, experienced in providing roadside assistance

Founded in 2018 as a relative small organization, and grew rapidly until becoming what's known today as "Chavivim"

Chavivim's volunteer services covers: Greater New York, and most of New Jersey, and if you're stuck anywhere within the United States, don't hesitate to call Chavivim, you never know who might show up to help...


We offer awesome Services

Our services cover a large variety of options, ranging from fixing punctured tires, boosting batteries, pulling cars out of snow, and much more.

Flat Tire

Found yourself with a punctured tire? wait no more! give us a call, one of our trained volunteers will be by you moments later, with all the necessary equipment to assist

Out Of Gas

Whether it's in the middle of the night on a quiet street, or in the middle of the day on a rushing highway.. Call Chavivim!

Vehicle Lockout

Found yourself locked out of your vehicle? did the hanger trick with no success? a professional trained volunteer will come to you with state of the art equipment to help.


Got up in the morning, tried starting your car, and all you heard was tic tic..? reach out to Chavivim! a member will boost you car vroooooooooooooooom!


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For any non-roadside related enquiries. message us below, we'll be more than happy to respond...

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